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Emigrantregistret / Kinship Center
Emigrantregistret/Kinship Center in Karlstad, Sweden is the oldest of the Swedish emigration archives. Its activities were started in 1960 and today it is located in most appropriate accommodations at the Archives Center in Karlstad. Emigrantregistret/Kinship Center has developed into a modern and dynamic archives accessible to researchers on all levels.

House of Emigrants
In 1966 the House of Emigrants opened in Växjö, Sweden. Its goal is to collect and index any kind of information, sources, documents, etc., dealing with the Swedish emigration. This also includes US church records and other sources on the Swedish settlers. The building houses the collection, the archive and library and offers exhibitions. Website available in Swedish, English and German.

The House of Emigrants
P.O. Box 201
SE- 351 04 Växjö

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