Passenger Lists and Other Records

The “Emigranten Populär” database of Swedish passengers travelling to North America but also to Argentina, Australia and New Zealand, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway and Russia covers the following records:

Port of Departure Years Total Number of Records
Gothenburg 1869-1951 1,135,888
Helsingborg 1929-1950 413
Kalmar 1881-1893 3,338
Malmö 1874-1928 165,876
Norrköping 1859-1922 8,545
Stockholm 1869-1940 34,887
Hamburg/Germany 1850-1891 21,708
Copenhagen/Denmark 1868-1898 56,127

The data has been obtained from the passenger lists that travel agents were required to draw up and hand in to the police authorities in each port. These lists are today stored in the regional archives in the various districts.

The “Emigranten Populär” database and further information about Swedish emigrants can be found on ancestry.se, as well as more than 5 million Swedish names in various historic databases.

If you do not find your ancestors in the emigration databases, try looking at immigration databases of their destinations, for example:


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